Its Pancake Day... Hurrah!

As the global society of food bloggers cry out in unison ... 

So yes Im going to have a good big tossing session in the kitchen. A variety of pancakes is on the menu... fancy pants savory, the usual for the kids... i wont patronise you with the lemon and sugar suggestion...oh except i did, sorry...and a good experiment for Nicks not very sweet tooth...involving....healthy tropical flavours....made unhealthy with a bit of spiced rum.  

Obligatory Lemon Shot for PANCAKE DAY! 

Obligatory Lemon Shot for PANCAKE DAY! 


I say NO to a premade packet mix as thats lame. Plus those big plastic pots add to the over spilling landfills. Its so easy. 

Theres allsorts you can add to a pancake mix to give it some excitement. 

Oats! I agree not the wildest exciting statement ive ever made...Im pregnant! And im going to Australia for 5 months more so (said years apart i might add) Ive got tickets to Mario Testinos Exhibition opening at the portrait gallery...yes, except the party was a bit crap, contrary to the press ...the Kings of Leon have just played for just me and Amy Winehouse..that was good...we're going on tour with Depeche Mode! And Elbow! Now that was really good...Ive had a fun life

Back to pancakes: 

Quick jazz up ideas. If your doing a savory pancake....say mushrooms and cheese sauce, well that gets a good kick when you fling in some chopped roasted chestnuts, spinich, pancetta, fresh parsley and a splosh of marsala. Creme fraiche makes the sauce lighter instead of cheddar...and less food coma inducing.

Hummous, Halloumi, harissa, roast peppers, grated carrots and chopped olives and some corriander. Hell yeah. A dry dressing of almonds toasted in cumin and za'tar is amaze.

Vegan Fat Free American pancakes (contrary name) ...and i thank my 10 year old daughter for this experiment...put oats, raisins, cinnamon,chopped apple and ground almonds with an egg, almond milk and 1/3 teaspoon baking powder...makes an amazing drop pancake with maple syrup and blueberries. High five Freya for this vegan delight. She put food colouring in too...that i wouldnt recommend as they went a gruely pink. 

Im going to prepare said feast and report back shortly...