Welcome to Hunter Rae Photography. Lovely to meet you. 

My name is Andie Redman. ( Hunter & Rae are my grannies surnames, which I think are pretty fab ) 

A little about me, as a human being and not a picture on a screen. I was born to an Advertising Photographer Dad, and Stylist Mum in the swinging 70's London...and Ive literally spent my whole life in photo studios or locations, and I absolutely love it. Mum and Dad taught me well, which is why I actually do both. I nearly did Marine Biology at Uni but the pull of the Arts was too strong for my spirit. I have a very busy career as an Advertising Props and Wardrobe Stylist as well. This comes in quite handy to be honest on my shoots. 

This however is about my passion for Photography, I have learned from some of the best Photographers in the world (theres a lot of down time on set, so I paid attention) I can offer you beautiful shoots catered to your every need, easy production, retouching, full lighting rigs, the whole package, done with a lifetime of experience. I have a great and varied crew, who apart from their carefully chosen skill sets and down to earth natures, always make me laugh. 

Aside from the above, my other love (apart from my children, partner and friends) is healthy delicious food, and the wonder of flowers. I have been fortunate to have travelled all corners of the globe on all sorts of adventures, discovering the most delicious food...from street vendors in Bangladesh, Morocco or Thailand, to some of the finest dining in Paris, Sydney or Cape Town, and a lot in between. Maybe a subconsious hark back to my lost Biology Career, I find the science of food fascinating, the beauty of what can be created with light and colour magical, the wonder of the natural world beyond amazing and the scope endless. 

I would love to meet you, so please get in touch.