Easy Saturday Morning Breakfast Omlette


Welcome to my first post...and Im starting with a very super easy but tasty as hell Omlette. Don't worry Im going to do far harder recipes. Im an impulse cook, taking influence from my world travels and taking my time to make some real lip smackingly tasty grub. Which I would like to share with you. 

Its got to be organic, if there are meats or fish involved I make sure the welfare of the creature is as nice as possible. Im unpatronising and cookery should be fun! Here goes: 


2 eggs

splash of milk

2 diced shallots

4 Mushrooms

2 inch slice of Chorizo (Quorn Chorizo is really fab) 

Half a Corgette

Garlic clove chopped

Glop of Fussells smoked rapeseed oil (or olive oil splash) 

Small handful of fresh Parsley

Grated cheese ( I used goats cheddar) 



Sizzling in the Pan

Sizzling in the Pan

Simply chop up all of the ingredients. Soften the onions in the smoked rapeseed oil which is a magic ingredient, then fling in the rest. Once all softened and the chorizio is properly cooked set to one side. Mix the egg, seasoning and splash of milk and pour into the pan on a medium heat. Let the egg cook until you can just lift it up at the edge, and the eggy mix is still a little bit runny on top. 

Sprinkle on the cheese, and the chorizo mix, and wait until the cheese has melted and the runny egg has set. Get a big spatula and flip it so it sandwiches in half. Shimmy it onto your plate, sprinkle on the Parsley....and get stuck in! 

My family wolfed it down. Enjoy!